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SafeDoc Usage

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SafeDoc is an application for storing a confidential text document (containing e.g. your passwords) in an encrypted form. The maximal supported document length is about 1MB. The document can be accessed only by providing a password. Without the correct password the data are lost and the application must be reinstalled.



You can import your confidential document by putting it temporarily into the Download folder of your phone. The imported document overwrites the encrypted document that is stored in the application. After you have finished with the import, please execute Clear File from the menu and then delete the document from the Download folder.

View and Edit

You can view and edit your confindential document. When you have finished with accessing the document please logout out. After logout the data are stored in encrypted form and no longer accessible without providing the password.


The export function writes the document in plain form into the Download folder of your phone. After you have used the exported document, please clear it using Clear File from the menu and then delete the document from the Download folder.

Clear Temporary Data

Please always clear import and export files using Clear File from the menu. After clearing delete the respective files from the Download folder.


Please always logout out after you have finished with accessing the document.

Security and Privacy

SafeDoc stores all data in encrypted form inside the application storage. The password dependent encryption is performed using the method "AES/CBC/PKCS7Padding". The plain data are visible only after the login into the application. The application does not read or otherwise misuse your data because it does not require any permissions on your phone.

If you uninstall SafeDoc your data gets lost, so export them first. Your data are kept when you update the application to a new version. You can transfer your data from the free version of SafeDoc to the paid version by Export and Import.

It is strongly recommended that you store or backup the document also outside your phone in a secure place.

Restrictions of the Free Version

The free version adopts the following restrictions on the functionality:

Terms and Conditions

When using this application you agree with and accept the following terms and conditions:

  1. You (the user) are responsible for the correct usage of the application and for the correct handling of your data and your password as described in this Help. In particular you are responsible for securing your password, and cleaning and deleting temporary data. You use the application at your sole risk.
  2. You expressly understand and agree that the developer shall not be liable to you for any damages that may be incurred by you when using this application, including any loss or disclosure of your data or password.



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