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What does Nosco mean ?

Nosco AG was the name of a small Swiss IT company, that I run together with my business partner Carlo Muller during the years 1989 - 2012. I was the president, CEO, and most of all the programmer. The firm was successful in the development of client specific software in the following area:

The clients of Nosco AG were renowned Swiss companies like:

Nosco means I know in Latin (infinitive noscere, resp. gnoscere) and is related to the Latin cognosco (I recognize). The English words know, knowledge, recognize, as well as the German words wissen, kennen, erkennen, and partly können have the same origin as nosco, namely the Proto-Indo-European -gno-. Nosco should raise associations to:

I had one more association in mind: the Italian

The Nosco company does not exist any more, only the name has remained. And since I still like this name, I have kept it for my own homepage. Now, Nosco means to me nosco ergo sum.

You can find more about the term nosco on the Web:

Nosco Homepage Technology

Development Computer
Windows PC.
Development Environment
xampp: Apache, PHP, MySQL.
Version control: git.
Shell scripting
Cygwin, Python, PHP.
Pure HTML5/CSS3, Javascript; little jQuery. The presentation of photos and the blog are own developments.
Javascript compiled with Closure, CSS minified with regular expressions.
Upload: FileZilla, WinSCP, PuTTY.
Python, Javascript.