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Family Tree Stammbaum
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The purpose of the application is to create, modify, save and display a family tree.

The following relationships are supported:
- multiple partners (married, separated, unspecified)
- children
- parents and adoptive parents
- gender: female, male, unspecified

The following attributes are available:
- surname, first name, birth name, nick name
- date and place of birth
- date and place of death
- address
- occupation
- note

The following functions are provided:
- create a new family
- add, modify and delete a person (*)
- import and export a family in xml-, ged- and csv-formats (*). Only basic GEDCOM tags are supported.
- display a graphical family tree of the selected person
- display details of the selected person

(*) Restrictions of the Free Version:
- the family size is limited to maximal 40 persons
- ged- and csv-formats are not supported
- advertisement is displayed

The application is available in the following languages:
- English (default)
- French
- German
- Spanish



Persons screen


Graph screen


Details screen


Edit screen


Graph screen on the tablet

Data Samples