Corona virus
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Daily Status Countries

Switzerland 02-Jun-2020 17:00

Cases Deaths
30,845 3.6 1,920 0.22
Trend Cantons Data source OpenZH

World 01-Jun-2020

Cases Deaths
6,265,471 0.8 375,544 0.05
Trend Data source Johns Hopkins University




Explanatory video and tips by FOPH (BAG) (Federal Office of Public Health)

Chronology (Switzerland)

06/15 Open boarders to:
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • France
  • (Liechtenstein was always open, Italy remains closed)
06/06 3nd phase of easing of the lockdown. Open / permitted again:
  • Gatherings of up to 30 people (from 05/30)
  • Events with up to 300 people
  • Training for all sports
  • Classroom teaching at secondary schools and universities. Futher educational institutions
  • Theatres and cinemas
  • Zoos and botanic gardens
  • Swimming pools and spas
  • Mountain tansport services
  • Holiday camps with up to 300 people
  • Campsites
  • Leisure establishments
  • Erotic clubs and sex services
  • Discos and night clubs
Still prohibited:
  • Events with more than 300 people (til 08/31)
  • Sport competitions involving close physical contact
05/28 2nd phase of easing of the lockdown (continuted). Permitted again:
  • All forms of religious services and religious celebrations
05/11 2nd phase of easing of the lockdown. Open / permitted again:
  • Mandatory schools
  • Museums, libraries, archives
  • Recreational sports activities not involving physical contact by individuals and in groups of up to 5 people
  • Training sessions for competitive athletes
  • Shops and markets
  • Travel agencies
  • Restaurants, bars and pubs for groups of 4 people
04/27 1st phase of easing of the lockdown. Open / permitted again:
  • Hospitals, medical and dental practices
  • Physiotherapy and massage practices
  • DIY stores, garden centres and florists
  • Funerals attended by family members
  • Hairdressers, beauty salons and tattoo studios
03/16 The Swiss Federal Council decides 'exceptional situation' and imposes an emergency from midnight. All non-vital businesses will be closed.
03/13 Switzerland: more than 1000 cases, more than 10 deaths
03/11 WHO officially declares corona virus to 'pandemy'.
03/05 Switzerland: first corona death, 74-year-old woman in Lausanne (canton Vaud). 100 cases.
02/28 The Swiss Federal Council classifies the situation as a 'special situation' according to the Epidemic Act.
Events with more than 1000 persons are forbidden.
02/25 First corona virus case in Switzerland (Ticino).
02/12 1000 cases in China.
01/30 The WHO declares a “health emergency of international scope”.
01/27 The first case in Germany.
01/24 The first case in Europe, in France.
01/21 The first case in the United States.
01/11 A first death is registered in China.
01/07 The pathogen is identified as a new species from the well-known family of corona viruses.
12/31 The WHO is officially activated. China reports its illnesses.
12/01 The first cases of mysterious pneumonia occur in the Chinese city of Wuhan.