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SMS Time (Free and Pro version)

Google does no longer allow access to SMS messages (since spring 2019). Because of this new policy Google unfortunately removed this application from the Play Store. Please contact me if you are interested in getting this application.

free Get SMS Time (Free) on Google Play Store
pro Get SMS Time (Pro) on Google Play Store

Privacy Policy

The main purpose of the application is to show the sent time of SMS messages. This information is usually not displayed in standard SMS applications.

The application displays a list of the received SMS messages together with the following information:

The messages are sorted according to the Sent time, starting with the most recent messages. All times are expressed in the local time zone of this phone. Press the button ↻ to refresh the list.

The application uses the information about SMS messages and Contacts only to display the messages on the screen. This information is not stored and not used outside of the application.

The application is available in the following languages:

The Free version shows the time of only 2 most recent messages and contains advertising. The paid version SMS Time (Pro) displays the time of all messages and hides the advertising.



Main screen (Pro)


Main screen (Free)


Help screen (Pro)


Help screen (Free)


Settings screen

Available date time formats

Number of displayed messages