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Creating DVD with DVDStyler

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Notes on usage of the free DVD authoring application DVDStyler.

Creating DVD without menus

  1. Start DVDStyler and chose New project. Select the following options: new
  2. Select "No template" template
  3. Delete Menu del-menu
  4. Drag the files to be burnt. drag
  5. Click Menu DVD/Options... In the dialog specify:
    - Default title post command: Play next title
    - First play command: jump title 1; jump-cmds
  6. Right click on the last dragged file (last title). In the dialog specify Post command: 'exit' or 'jump title 1'.
    'Exit' stops playing DVD, the screen becomes black.
    'jump title 1' starts playing DVD from the beginning. last-cmd
  7. Click menu File/Burn DVD. In the dialog select 'create iso image' and press 'Start'. Do not select 'burn'. iso
  8. On Windows 10 insert a fresh DVD into the optical drive and drag the prepared ISO file onto the DVD drive.



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