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I help you solve your computer problems:

  • Development of your homepage
  • Web programming, Ajax, HTML5 / CSS3 / Canvas
  • Programming in C++, C#, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, SQL
  • Support with Microsoft Office (Excel etc.)
  • Help with general computer problems
  • Consulting in mathematics and statistics, data analysis
  • Learn more ...

Topics on my homepage

Digit Recognition

Draw a digit with the mouse or with your finger and I will try to recognize it. An application of machine learning with neural networks.

My Blog

Remarks and thoughts to all possible topics: society, culture, science, technology, ...

Artificial Intelligence and Prolog
  • My lecture at ETH Zurich. Prolog examples with solutions.
  • Machine learning with neural networks.

Hiking in Switzerland.


Photos of trips and hikes.

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