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Here is a selection of my answers at Math.StackExchange that I consider relevant because of various criteria. They can contain important information or serve as a reference to frequent questions or reflect significant effort that I put into them. Trivial answers to trivial questions are not considered here. You can find all my answers on Math.Stackexchange.

Each entry in this list contains the following information:

I generated the list using the Stackexchange API and adapted it to my purposes manually.

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I maintain a similar list with my relevant answers on Stack Overflow.

euclidean-geometry analytic-geometry
algebra-precalculus factoring
modular-arithmetic exponentiation
matrices rotations coordinate-systems
logic propositional-calculus
optimization linear-programming
linear-algebra matrices transformation
optimization linear-programming
linear-algebra geometry projective-schemes
math-software graph
geometry computational-geometry solid-geometry
linear-algebra geometry transformation rotations
mathematica conic-sections
homework calculus
Degrees of freedom 12-Sep-2011
vector-spaces dimension-theory
combinatorics permutations
linear-algebra vector-analysis
spherical-geometry spherical-coordinates
trigonometry rotations
homework optimization linear-programming