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Scarlatti Sonatas

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All Scarlatti sonatas with information on key, tempo, duration and rank. The sonatas can be played.

List of solo keyboard sonatas

Domenico Scarlatti (1685–1757) wrote at least 555 sonatas. The table below lists all these sonatas with the following informations:


Jeffrey Arlo Brown ranked the Scarlatti sonatas according to their artistic value and grouped them into 19 categories, G1 being the best and G19 the worst.

G01 The 20 Best Sonatas
G02 The Best of the Rest
G03 The Hey, That Sounds Like
G04 The Legitimately Enjoyable
G05 The Slightly Above Average
G06 The Average
G07 The Too Short
G08 Block That Adjective!
G09 The Excruciatingly Decent
G10 The Merely Competent
G11 The Uneven
G12 The Too Long
G13 The Disturbingly Happy
G14 The Disappointing
G15 When Arpeggios Attack
G16 The Interchangeable
G17 Nothing to Say Here
G18 The Rest of the Worst
G19 The 22 Worst Sonatas

Explanation of Tempo

Basic tempo markings from slowest to fastest (bpm = beats per minute) :



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