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Hide Labels on Google Map

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I show how to hide labels on a Google map using the developer tools in a browser.

I love Google maps but I miss some functionality. Sometimes I would like to hide the annoying labels like restaurants, hotels and shops. The method described is not for everyone - it requires some (simple) computer skills. The method hides also the city names, which in fact I also wanted to achieve.

In the meantime I developed a simple application for displaing labelless maps.

Hiding labels in a browser

  1. Open Google Map in a browser, e.g. Internet Explorer.

  2. Open the Developer Tools using the menu or the hot key F12.

  3. Find the occurencies of the string "labels" in the HTML document and uncheckout the box "display: none". I found the following occurencies:

    1. map_label_1
    2. map_label_2
    3. map_label_3
  4. Open the menu of Google Maps.


  5. Select "Labels off" and wait several seconds.


  6. The new map does not show any labels.



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