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I help you to solve your computer problems:

  • Development of your homepage
  • Web programming, Ajax, HTML5 / CSS3 / Canvas
  • Programming in C++, C#, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, SQL
  • Support with Microsoft Office (Excel etc.)
  • Help with general computer problems
  • Consulting in mathematics and statistics, data analysis
  • Learn more ...

Topics on my homepage:

Play Android Applications

My Android applications on Google Play Store.

digits Digit Recognition (EN) NEW - August 2018

Draw a digit with the mouse or with your finger and I will try to recognize it. An application of machine learning with neural networks.

supernova My Blog

Remarks and thoughts to all possible topics: society, culture, science, technology, ...

AI Artificial Intelligence and Prolog
Hiking Hiking

Hiking in Switzerland.

album Album

Photos of trips and hikes.

maps Applications based on Maps
Sudoku Sudoku

Play and learn Sudoku.

more And Much More ...