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Profile Computation of a Hike




Minimal Height [m]
Maximal Height [m]
Circular Walk

KML Data:


Computed Data

Maximal Height
Minimal Height
Hiking Time (according to DIN)
Hiking Time (according to SAC)
Hiking Time (Average)
Center (CH Coordinates)

Numerical Profile



Select the KML file with the path by pressing the Browse below or copy the KML data into the area below. Provide hints - if known - to improve the quality of the computation. Then press the button Compute. The KML-file must contain a section with the route points between the tags <coordinates> and </coordinates>.

The KML file can be created using the Swisstopo map. Open the menu Tools/Draw on the Swisstopo map and draw a line along the hiking path. Close the line with a double click. Save the line on the local computer in the KML format. Use the saved local KML file for the computation of the profile.

The profile is computed using the Google Elevation Service, that is unfortunaly rather inaccurate especially in mountain areas. It is not appropriate for computing the hike profiles.

The hints Minimal and Maximal Height are used as follows. During the computation the elevation will be restricted such that it lays between the provided hints. Moreover if the computed maximal height is less than the hint it will be increased to the hint. And if the computed minimal height is greater than the hint it will be decreased to the hint.

The hint Circular Walk ensures that the path will be closed.

The hiking time is computed according to the standard DIN 33466 as well as according to the SAC (Swiss Alpine Club).